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Carly & Ollie

We are two sex and intimacy coaches with a passion for helping individuals and couples explore and thrive sexually and intimately.

Providing virtual coaching services from coast to coast, literally- Ollie lives in California and Carly is in Michigan, has given us the opportunity to work with couples from all regions and backgrounds.

We are both working towards a PhD in Clinical Sexology, giving us the skills needed to provide a brave, safe, and sometimes uncomfortable space to explore intimacy and sex.

Carly Cykiert
Ollie Maggi
Our Approach

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy and celebrate their unique sexual experience. For all of our programs you will work two-on-one with both of us!

We create personalized goals and action plans specific to your needs, provide you with exercises and resources, and are available for consult in between virtual sessions.

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Pleasure is for Everyone Programs

Coffee in Bed
6-8 Week Program

For busy individuals and couples looking for a deeper dive into intimacy

6-8 Weeks
Romantic Couple

For individuals and couples searching to re-kindle intimacy, sex,

and romance

30 Days
Texting at Cafe
One Time Coaching Session

For individuals and couples

to get a taste of



50 Minute Session
30 Day Intimacy Intensive
This experience was so worth it! My partner and I wanted to try something different as our busy schedules were starting to negatively impact our relationship . We came across their program "Pleasure is for Everyone" and decided to give it a shot. I think what worked best for us was the fact that they (Ollie and Carly) were so attentive and easy to reach and had so much knowledge and between the two of them! They were able to coach us in a way that was engaging, fun and challenging giving my partner and I the tools to figure out what we needed in our relationship and helped us reconnect on such a deeper level!

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