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Reclaiming Sex After Becoming "Mom"

This 6 to 8 week program is designed for soon-to-be, new, or veteran mothers! No one quite prepares you for how having children can affect your sex life. Not just anatomically, but hormones and this new life role can affect your existing marriage or relationship greatly. Navigating sex while struggling to get pregnant, or miscarriages can greatly impact relationships as well. Have you experienced any of these struggles? We can help! 

In this program you will meet with us weekly for 30 minute sessions where we discuss customized goals, and go over action plans for the week. Resources are provided for clients to utilize during the program that they can keep for future use. We are available for consult, questions, and accountability in between sessions via text and email. 

If you feel you would be a good fit for Reclaiming Sex After Becoming "Mom," or have questions regarding how we can help you accomplish your goals, schedule a consult call or email us!

($1500 - $2000)

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