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Stepping Into Your Truth

This 6 to 8 week program is designed for individuals navigating their sexual journey! Stepping Into Your Truth is about navigating, accepting, and learning to love your authentic self. Family and friends may not always understand what struggles you are facing regarding your gender or sexual identity. This journey can feel isolating and scary. We are here to meet you, wherever you are, on your road to self actualization and love. Whether you are beginning the transitioning process, exploring alternative lifestyles or kinks, learning you may not fall explicitly on one end of the gender spectrum, or working through how to tell your loved ones of your sexual orientation, we are here to be your support system! 

In this program you will meet with us weekly for 30 minute sessions where we discuss customized goals, and go over action plans for the week. Resources are provided for clients to utilize during the program that they can keep for future use. We are available for consult, questions, and accountability in between sessions via text and email. 

If you feel you would be a good fit for our Stepping Into Your Truth Program or have questions regarding how we can help you accomplish your goals, schedule a consult call or email us!

($1500 - $2000)

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